Susan L. Hayes – Executive Consultant

Sue has worked for NorthStar since 2004, bringing expertise in the medical device industry, including diagnostics, POC, and skilled nursing markets. She is responsible for strategic marketing, marketing communication, and creation of advanced value analysis tools to support the professional healthcare market. Sue has focused on development and execution of business and marketing plans for a variety of clients.

Sue has over 25 years’ experience in the diagnostics industry, including clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, hematology, and workflow automation. This experience includes sales, marketing management, marketing communications, health economics, and consulting for Siemens, J&J, DuPont and Genesis. She served on the NCCLS Subcommittee on Total Cost Management in the Laboratory and has consulted with hospitals and laboratories internationally.

She is author of several articles and has been cited in Advance, MLO, Clinical Research and Management Review, and CAP Today. Her expertise in laboratory workflow simulation, cost accounting, decision modeling, and laboratory simulation software has generated over $17 million in sales for critical health networks. As president of Labsim, Inc., she has led development of custom software applications for laboratory and woundcare value analysis.

Sue has degrees from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill in communication and applied decision theory.