Pradip Mookerjee – Chief Science Officer, Executive Consultant

Pradip helps clients achieve high innovation success rates with new product development pipelines. Pradip brings a unique combination of business acumen and technology capability to each project. Pradip frequently works as an external member of core development teams that have a strategic commitment to use open innovation as a key enabler of sustainable growth.

Before joining NSP, Pradip held leadership positions in Merck, Chevron, and Lonza during which he gained extensive experience in leading large multifunctional teams to translate scientific discovery into profitable products. Pradip also contributes valuable insights in business planning, business development, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, managing patent portfolios, and technology licensing.

Pradip’s professional accomplishments include many peer reviewed journal papers, U.S. and foreign patents, invited speaker at scientific symposia, and university guest lecturer, also served as the only industry representative on a State of California task force that was chartered to recommend air quality standards for chemical products used in agriculture

Pradip has a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Loyola University of Chicago, and M.Sc. in chemistry from Jadavpur University (India), and postdoctoral research at Ohio State University. He is a member of the American Chemical Society, Licensing Executives Society (LES), and New York Academy of Sciences.