Michael Shinall

Michael Shinall is the Co-Managing Director of NorthStar.  He founded Consulting Group in 1991.  He has been an industry innovator in establishing breakthrough solutions within the consumer products landscape for over 30 years. His work with clients extends through virtually every category in the retail store, and he has been instrumental in bringing CPG learning into several, diverse other industries.

Michael has developed many of the industry’s widely-recognized best practices and insights. He has authored numerous articles for business publications and has been the keynote speaker at leading industry events

Before founding, Michael began his career at RJR Nabisco and held several senior sales management positions. He led one of the industry’s first efforts in category management and is a pioneer in the use of retail and shopper data and information for decision making.  After Nabisco, he created the category management practice at Glendinning Associates and was Executive Director of Dechert-Hampe & Company.

Michael is a graduate of Mercer University.