Jim Mosbaugh – Chief Science Officer

Jim Mosbaugh serves as the Chief Science Officer for NSP with specific expertise in natural and sustainable solutions across multiple industries including food and dietary supplements, personal care, cosmetics, and OTC markets.

Jim leads the product development work for The Well Fruit™ company, a subsidiary of NorthStar. The Well Fruit company specializes in an innovative way to formulate products that carry actives using a proprietary freeze-dried solution to natural fruit and vegetable ingredients.

As the founder of BioTectics, Jim brings nearly 25 years of product development experience, regulatory guidance, intellectual property management and strategy, and project innovation.

Prior to BioTectics, Jim was co-founder and CEO of Calgenex Corp which focused on condition specific dietary supplements, compounded drug therapies, and OTC products with a focus on calcium homeostasis and cardiovascular health. Jim helped to successfully sell Calgenex Corp in 2008.

Earlier, Jim held technical positions in Life Science and consumer products manufacturing companies including technical consultant to life science, API, and consumer product companies.

Jim has degrees from the University of South Florida.